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Professionally Managed Portfolios of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's)

Efficient Market Portfolios managed ETF accounts are offered through Efficient Market Advisors, LLC. Based upon your answers to our time and risk profile questionnaire, you will be assigned one of fifteen unique investment models. Each model was designed by Efficient Market Advisors and optimized using Modern Portfolio Theory and sophisticated asset allocation modeling software. Our proprietary tactical overlay is further applied to adjust models base on our current view of the marketplace.

Portfolios will be reviewed at least quarterly to determine if rebalancing is appropriate. Rebalancing will be done automatically by Efficient Market Advisors and all trades associated with a rebalancing will be reflected on each client account statement.

Holdings of taxable accounts will be reviewed periodically to determine if a "tax swapping" opportunity exists. Tax swapping is the act of selling one security and using the proceeds from sale to purchase another security that is expected to perform substantially identical to the security being sold.

Keeping Our Interests Aligned with Yours

Efficient Market Advisors, LLC does not charge commissions. We are not a Broker/Dealer and do not have custody of client assets. Broker/Dealers that carry customer accounts may charge commissions for transactions. We are an Investment Advisor registered with the SEC and charge a flat percentage fee based upon the assets in your account. We benefit when the value of your account rises. Investment advisory fees paid to a Registered Investment Advisor may be tax deductible, please consult with your tax advisor to determine your eligibility.